College Applications

We wish all of our students the best with their college applications! Remember these tips when working on your college applications: Read the instructions and prompts carefully Proofread and edit your essays Highlight your strengths and tell a compelling story Choose recommendations that can speak to your ability and academic excellence Make backups and copies … Continued

Test Anxiety

More and more, I see students unable to cope with test anxiety. It is tragic because many of these students perform fine under more relaxed circumstances. When parents ask me how their kids can cope with test anxiety, I tell them that strategies vary from student to student. Some students respond well to relaxation techniques, … Continued

Best wishes on the November SAT!

Our team wishes everyone the best of luck on the November SAT! Feeling anxious before the November SAT? Here are some tips Breathe slowly and deeply: the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you intake, which means more blood flow to keep your mind sharp during the test. Don’t cram the night before: give yourself … Continued