College Application Consulting

More than just grades, you need an edge

Individualized Counseling Sessions

College Application Consulting is a supportive, one-on-one experience that provides students with expert guidance while navigating education plans and applying to college.

Our individualized program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each student through every step of the college application process.

Whether you are a freshman struggling to select the best classes and extracurricular activities or a senior curious about how to stand out from the crowd with an incredible college application essay, prof can help make college dreams a reality.

Fierce Competition is What We Do

College admissions has become increasingly competitive, especially in California.  Even the best students have trouble making perfect grades, so we give them the extra help they need to make that difference.

The Three Pillars of College Admissions

Of course, when everyone has all-A’s, it’s what happens outside the classroom that sets students apart.

There are three pillars to college admissions: your transcript, your test scores, and your extracurricular activities.

We target all three of those areas to help our students get a leg up on the competition and have the best possible chance to attend their dream school.

The Expertise to Get You a Head Start

We offer a comprehensive “Three Pillar” solution for students, including test prep to help with the SAT/ACT, academic tutoring to help boost GPAs, and college application consulting to help students with extracurricular and test planning.

Our college consulting service also helps student target their top schools and develop positioning strategies to increase their chances of getting accepted.

We recommend starting this process in the ninth grade, as academic course planning, extracurricular activities, and test prep should all start as early as possible to increase the opportunities for successful outcomes.

Choose the Right Extracurriculars

Many students understandably focus so much energy on grades that they neglect—or fail to think strategically about—the extracurricular activities that play a crucial role differentiating them from the competition.

A student’s extracurricular profile is critical because colleges are overloaded with students who meet GPA and test score requirements.

This is where extracurricular activities come into play, yet sometimes students fail to realize that not all extracurricular activities are created equal.

Extracurriculars That Reflect a “Bigger Picture”

If a student is considering applying to a particularly competitive school, preparation is key. Students need to think beyond just tacking on extracurricular activities. More than ever, extracurriculars should reflect the “bigger picture” of the student’s long-term goals.

Does the student have a major in mind or a particular program? Schools are looking for students who can contribute something unique.

Planning out and dedicating years to relevant extracurricular activities shows this sort of commitment.

Through our college consulting services, we help students explore their interests, identify what extracurriculars will be a good fit, and strengthen their applications.

A Record of Success

Here’s where some of our students ended up after joining our college consulting program:

Stanford University
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Cruz
UC Santa Barbara
University of Redlands

For pricing details and more information about college application consulting services, please contact us.

What You Can Expect

Get the Edge You Need

There’s much more to getting in the university you want than just grades.

Comprehensive Gameplans

Let us help plan your application strategy, both in and out of the classroom.

A Record of Success

We’ve done it before, and we’ll achieve results for your child too.

Featured Testimonial

We used Alpha College Prep for college counseling, ACT prep and private tutoring for my two daughters. Jennifer is fantastic. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, excellent tutor and works well with teenagers. The college application process can be confusing and overwhelming. She assisted my daughter with the entire college process- from helping her to figure out what colleges she might want to apply to, to navigating the application process, to making sure the applications were submitted on time. She was great at making the process less confusing and overwhelming. My other daughter used Robert for private tutoring. I was very pleased with the services my daughter’s received. I would highly recommend Alpha College Prep.– Kim B.

Get An Advantage Over The Competition

College Counseling will provide you with the resources and support you need to get an edge when applying to your top schools. Use our free consultation tool to get started today!