Catching Up After Online School

Coming out of lockdown and working with students, one disturbing trend has emerged. Many students are behind with regard to their basic verbal and math skills. Even our high-achieving students are behind students from previous years. Unfortunately, it’s not surprising. There are many benefits of in- person learning that we never really appreciated. One is being around other people and talking with them. The mere act of talking exercises parts of the brain that may not have been exercised as much during isolation.  Hands-on learning takes many different forms, for some it means a chemistry  experiment mixing different color chemicals together. For others, it means taking a sheet of paper and writing out a math problem – rather than watching a teacher do one in a video.  No matter what the subject, nothing can substitute for hands-on learning.

At Alpha College Prep, we can tell students have learned a concept when they can apply it themselves.  If your child needs to catch up, we can offer in-person help to give them back some hands-on learning in our Skills Lab.

Regardless of where you go to for assistance, start getting help as soon as possible.