A customized approach to help where it’s needed most.

Every Student Is Different

Our SAT/ACT instructors have a wide range of experience working with students of all levels to boost test scores and build confidence.

Every student is different, with different strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. That’s why unlike other SAT/ACT Prep programs, we don’t offer a “one size fits all” workbook. Rather, we tailor our approach to the needs of the individual students.

A Personalized Learning Experience

To accelerate learning and improve SAT/ACT results, our training occurs on an individual, one-on-one basis. If the students prefer, we also provide 2-on-one semi-private training.

This approach allows us to tailor our structure, pace, and style of instruction entirely to the needs of our students. This is simply not possible with classroom-style training.

By relying on a variety of integrated teaching methods during SAT/ACT test prep sessions, our tutors can accommodate each student’s individual learning style.

Dedicated SAT/ACT Teachers

All of our tutors are full-time professionals that have 5-10 or more years of experience, and we take our commitment to the individual student seriously.

Forming a learning bond between teacher and student can take time, and strengthens from constancy and consistency over time. That is why at Alpha Test Prep there is virtually no chance students will be separated from their instructor.

While other training programs may employ bright instructors, these are typically part-timers looking to earn a little extra money. Our tutors, however, are full-time, dedicated professionals committed to working with each individual student for as long as necessary.

Alpha College Prep Goes the Extra Mile

We understand our students and their parents have busy schedules that don’t always fit neatly into a 9-5 time block.

That’s why at Alpha Prep our students have our email address and cell phone numbers. The last thing we want is for a student’s question to go unanswered, potentially putting the brakes on learning until the next session.

At Alpha College Prep, students can get in touch with our responsive teachers when they need us most.

Choosing the Right Test

When it comes to the SAT and ACT tests, performing well starts with making the right decision about which test(s) to take.

The “right” test is not a matter of what the school, teachers, peers, or even what parents think. It has everything to do with which test aligns with a student’s strengths, goals, and performance.

We start this test selection process by assessing each student either with an SAT and/or ACT test run. This helps us deduce empirically which is the best test for them. We of course also bring in the students and parents for a consultation to discuss the test results and plan next steps.

We recommend that students start thinking about the SAT in the summer before their junior year of high school. Many students to take the tests in the spring of junior year, so starting to prepare in the fall is a wise decision.

Free Initial Assessment & Flexible Pricing

Our SAT/ACT Prep Program begins with a free initial assessment so we can identify expectations and align goals for each student.

Following the initial assessment, our tutors will work with students to customize a test prep program, including a detailed study plan, schedule and $75/hr budget.

Depending on the needs and goals of each student, these plans can flexibly increase or decrease in hours, ensuring parents pay for only the ideal amount of support from us, no more and no less!

The Right Number of Sessions

The number of sessions a student needs depends entirely on where they start out, what their goals are, and other factors.

These factors include how compliant a student is with our suggestions, how much of their homework that they do outside of the sessions, how well information is retained, and/or how quickly knew learning is applied.

It’s impossible to predict how many sessions a student will need, but on average students see significant improvement in as little as three or four sessions, though some take more than 10 or 15 sessions depending on the factors listed above.

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What You Can Expect

Dedicated Teachers

All of our teachers are full-time, accessible, and highly-trained.

Customized SAT/ACT Training

Our programs are built around individual students.

Flexible Pricing

Pay for exactly what you need, no more and no less!

Featured Testimonial

I have two children who have used Alpha College Prep. We were extremely pleased with results. We have one in College now and one who is starting College in August. Alpha College Prep helped us through the College application process and prepping for SAT testing. Could not have gone through this stressful process without their help!– Toni F.

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