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What Our Customers Are Saying

Jennifer helped me hone an art of self-expression that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life. When I think back to Jennifer, I can honestly say I lucked out.– Kyle

Eric went more in depth with precalculus than my teacher ever did. He has a great understanding of math and makes learning much easier.– Charlotte

I am a freshman in college and have struggled for years in school. I would get different tutors all the time and just kept seeming to not be able to make much progress. When I heard about Alpha College Prep my mom suggested we go and try it and I have never felt more comfortable and understood by someone. From the first time we sat down together, I knew they wanted to invest their time in helping me figure out the best way I learn and the best way for me to achieve my goals. I absolutely love working with these people and could not ask for a better support team when I am struggling with my school work. This is an amazing group of people and I am so happy I get to work with them.– Nikki B.

We used Alpha College Prep for ACT prep for our daughter in her Junior year of High School.  Robert was incredible, helping her with every portion of the exam.  Her scores in science and math went up dramatically and she already had fairly good scores.  We were delighted when she ended up with a 34 composite score, including a 36 in the math portion. In addition to working on exam questions, he helped her simulate exam day stress, fatigue, and had her take tests under various different conditions so she was fully prepared on exam day.  She was very comfortable working with Robert throughout the process and he was extremely flexible with our crazy schedule. We would enthusiastically recommend Robert and Alpha College Prep and will be using their services for our son next year!– Casey T.

All of the people at Alpha are great.  They always go above and beyond for their students and they’re a great resource for a student to succeed.– Ben C.

Alpha college prep helped me so much in my pre-calc class! I understand the concepts and I did well on my tests! I would show up after school, finish my homework, and get help on my lessons!– Charlotte A.

Jennifer is fantastic. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, excellent tutor and works well with teenagers.– Kim

The team is great. They helped our son with ACT prep and general study strategies. With their guidance he pulled his ACT up 4 points, and his general GPA at Abany High has risen too!– Dave W.

Jennifer is an excellent consultant. She brings out the best of me and inspires me to express my creativity.” – Maggie

I would highly recommend Eric as the best math tutor our daughter has ever had. With his help, anyone can conquer math with confidence and excel.– Diane

Robert is incredible. He is extremely patient, very positive, and genuinely cares about the success of his students– Kim

I have two children who have used Alpha College Prep. We were extremely pleased with results. We have one in College now and one who is starting College in August. Alpha College Prep helped us through the College application process and prepping for SAT testing. Could not have gone through this stressful process without their help!– Toni F.

First and foremost, Robert is the most flexible, kind hearted, genuine and intelligent person. When he worked with me all summer to ace a chemistry course I never thought I could pass, he was the one who had faith. Lo and behold I received an A and got into nursing school. Essentially, they are willing to drive out to the house of any client and will work with them at any cost to help them reach success. My brother also has used the tutor Eric English for college Calculus and Robert Lee for college Advanced Chemistry.  With their help, my hard-partying never-studying brother has only gotten A’s as a result and will likely attend medical school upon graduation. If you don’t use this tutoring service you and or your kid are missing out!!!!!!! These people are down to earth, kind, easy to get along with and overall incredibly flexible yet diligent and efficient. Have been a more than happy client since the opening of Alpha College Prep 🙂 – Haley H.

We used Alpha College Prep for college counseling, ACT prep and private tutoring for my two daughters. Jennifer is fantastic. She is a very knowledgeable, patient, excellent tutor and works well with teenagers. The college application process can be confusing and overwhelming. She assisted my daughter with the entire college process from helping her to figure out what colleges she might want to apply to, navigating the application process to making sure the applications were submitted on time. She was great at making the process less confusing and overwhelming. My other daughter used Robert for private tutoring. Robert is incredible. He is extremely patient, very positive and genuinely cares about the success of his students. He is very good at teaching a variety of learning strategies and explaining things in many different ways until the student understands. I was very pleased with the services my daughter’s received. I would highly recommend Alpha College Prep.– Kim B.