Best wishes on the November SAT!

Our team wishes everyone the best of luck on the November SAT! Feeling anxious before the November SAT? Here are some tips Breathe slowly and deeply: the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you intake, which means more blood flow to keep your mind sharp during the test. Don’t cram the night before: give yourself … Continued

Ephemeral – Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day is ephemeral (adjective): lasting a short time. Example: Mayflies are one of the most ephemeral insects, living only one day as adults. Synonyms: fleeting, transient, brief Antonyms: eternal, immortal, permanent   “Ephemeral” comes from the Greek word “ephēmeros,” which means lasting only one day. Before the 1700’s, the word described … Continued

Learn English Today. ESL Tutoring Available Now!

Learn English in person or online with Alpa College Prep. Ready to learn English? If you’re learning English for school, work, TOEFL, or just for fun, we’re here to help. We provide ESL tutoring to all levels and types of English language learners: kids, adults, beginners, and advanced students. We’ll also create a lesson plan just … Continued

SAT Classes Starting Soon!

Preparing for the SAT next semester? Group SAT classes start November 10th. Sign up today to reserve a spot!   Starting November 10th, our SAT class will meet on Saturdays from 10:00AM-1:15PM. We’ll also administer three mock SATs throughout the class. During the class, you’ll learn crucial techniques and strategies for mastering the SAT and … Continued

Congrats Class of 2018!

We at Alpha College Prep wish the class of 2018 the best of luck in college. We’re excited to announce that our students enrolled at the following colleges and universities this year:   University of Southern California Located in Los Angeles’s Downtown Arts and Education Corridor, USC is a private university that enrolls more international … Continued

Job Openings

We currently have tutor job openings for the following positions: Pre-calculus and Calculus Tutor Physics Tutor We’re also hiring for an office manager. Though the position will start out as part time, the ideal candidate will be an integral part of us growing to the point where we can bring him or her on full time. The … Continued

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Make your own tutoring appointment for SAT, ACT, general tutoring, and more. We’re available seven days a week and will meet you at your convenience. To learn more about our tutors, visit this page! Ready to get started? Set up a free consultation.         

Schedule your own SAT or ACT Appointment

Sign yourself up here for SAT & ACT appointments with a private tutor. We are available seven days a week and will meet you at your convenience. To learn more about our tutors, visit this page! For SAT & ACT test dates go here and here.          

Developing Young Writers through Publishing

As an English teacher, I enjoy being able to help developing young writers find their voices and try to find places to publish their work.  Since publishing is a vital part of the writing process and I work with some talented, young writers, I wanted to find a place where those developing young writers could … Continued