The New SAT & What to Expect

Did you know that the SAT is changing? In fact, the new SAT replaced the current SAT after the January 23, 2016 test day (with the first new SAT test date on March 5, 2016). At Alpha College Prep we are focused on education and preparation, and when it comes to preparing for the new SAT we are no different. We believe that the best way to prepare and excel for the new SAT is to educate oneself on all aspects of the test through research and practice. We’ve gathered some resources below to help you better understand the changes that are taking place to the SAT and how they will affect your experience taking the test.

The New SAT

  • Everything you need to know about the new SAT: CollegeBoard 
  • A free SAT practice app that you can download in the iTunes store: CollegeBoard APP
  • A free sample test for the new SAT via a non-profit who has linked up with the CollegeBoard: Khan Academy

While each of the above links are great resources, we believe that no preparation can replace one-on-one, in-person support. Our expert tutors can help you navigate and prepare for the new SAT by providing the support you need to excel. Call us today at 510.984.1234 or fill out our Contact Us form to receive a free assessment.

Looking for more information? Here are some additional articles on the new SAT:
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