Spanish Tutor

Guillermo Altieri

Spanish and Math Tutor

A math and Spanish tutor, Guillermo knows how to ask deep questions and help his students approach and solve problems using the Socratic Method. He earned a BA in Philosophy but originally majored in Secondary Math Education, which included coursework such as language arts skills for teachers, curriculum & clinical experience for secondary school, pre-calculus, differential calculus, and number theory.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Guillermo is a native Spanish speaker and understands the challenges that come with learning a new language. He is a self-described “language nerd” and is currently studying French, Latin, Arabic, and Tagalog. If you need to go the extra mile with your next Spanish test, he’s more than happy to help you.

Guillermo also has experience working with a wide range of students: college students, special-needs students, dyslexic students, and non-verbal students. His students describe him as having a great sense of humor, passionate about his subjects, and empathetic toward their needs.

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