Best wishes on the November SAT!

Our team wishes everyone the best of luck on the November SAT!

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Feeling anxious before the November SAT? Here are some tips

  • Breathe slowly and deeply: the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you intake, which means more blood flow to keep your mind sharp during the test.
  • Don’t cram the night before: give yourself time to recharge before the test so you’re feeling energized at test time.
  • Bring snacks and take your breaks: use your breaks to fuel up on protein-rich snacks, and stretch to recharge
  • Put your brain to work before the test: before the test, read an article or solve a puzzle to get your brain in shape.
  • Be confident: know that you can do it, and give it your best!

In the end, remember that it’s only a test, and you can always retake the SAT!

Taking the SAT again in December? Let us know how we can help!